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    Update php on RaQ XTR

    Hi all,

    Anyone know how to update my php from 4.06 to php 4.3.5 on my RaQ XTR machine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    My phpmyadmin is saying that I need to upgrade. I also want to work with tutos and pivot. So I believe it would be in my best interest to get this updated.

    I hope someone can help!

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    The answer to your question is covered in posts less than 20 down on the forum and a simple search would find it

    In short you can go to PHP v4.1.2-3 without any problems at all by using the pkg from I have been using this pkg for years as have many without problems.

    To go to the latest however is another issue, a quick search will show you all the quirks that can happen (although a lot of the quirks are due to people needing specific things) and you can see my personal experiances here

    I hope that helps

    Regards, Dan

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    Ok well for which RaQ do I use the package of? There is no php pkg under the RaQ XTR and I am leary to use a package that is meant for another RaQ!

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    Apologies, I thought there was a php pkg on for the XTR!!!

    AFAIK the XTR is very close to a Raq 4 with any differances being in the hardware but not big enough differances to warrant compiling differantly so you should be good with the Raq 4 packages.

    Either that or you could create and compile yourself. a good set of instructions can be found here

    Regards, Dan

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    no problem thanks for helping.

    I guess I may have to try and compile myself. When I try to use the package I get this:

    There was an error verifying the package file. It may be corrupted, or it may not have the correct authentication information. The software package was not installed

    So not sure if it is because it is for the RaQ4 or something else.

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