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    TrafficBlazer from GoDaddy

    Has anyone tried this?

    Could anyone give me some feedback? It looks interesting.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    Sounds like a standard SEO and submission service. There are professionals on the boards that can help you do a very concise optimization. I would recommend them over an automated or scripted service.

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    I wouldn't rate it - auto-submission software is a joke.

    And nowadays the best strategies for ranking come not from how you optimise your pages, but how you link to them from other sites, etc.

    The SEO business has gone the way of webdesign and webhosting - it's full of ridiculous cheap companies that promise everything but can deliver nothing.

    As with those, the general principle still stands: you get what you pay for.

    A good professional SEO campaign may cost a little at initial outlay, but this is merely an investment, and should be easily recouped over the course of the campaign.

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    second it

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