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    Exclamation Looking for dedicated server resellers


    We are currently look for anyone intrested in reselling our dedicated server plans.

    We are located in Downtown LA, with over 3 gigs of connectivity. Our bandwidth providers include Level(3), Global Crossing, and Williams. Completely redundant power and connectivity.

    Check out our website at for additional information.

    If you are intrested in reselling, please email me at [email protected]

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    Can you list your price here so that we can tell you if we are interested in becoming your reseller

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    If you take a look at our prices on our website, you can get a better feel for what we are offering. Please email me so we can discuss your discount rate. Thanks.

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    Additional Bandwidth $5 / mo per 25 MB

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    Additional Bandwidth $5 / mo per 25 GB

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    Wrong section....

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