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    Parking a Subdomain to a Domain

    I have a problem with Cpanel 8;
    I have a host and a domain and I want to park a subdomain to my host;
    it would be like parking to=>

    I have also set DNS name servers for my subdomain and now all of Internet traffic is sent to my virtual host but because I want to park a subdomain on a domian Cpanel tells me that it's not a valid domain name.

    is there any solution to park subdomain to a domain so that when people entering it goes to

    please help me.It's an urgent need.

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    do you own the server? or does your plan allow addon domains? If you do, just create an addon domain in your Cpanel and what you want will be setup automatically. The only thing is that you need to point your DNS at the server first before the domain will show up.
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    * I solved it.

    Hi dear friends,
    I had read some notes about this problem in a website about Cpanel finally I found my answer it is very simple;

    End users who use Cpanel can't park a subdomain to a Domain,
    but hosting resselers who have Cpanel(WHM) wich is one level
    upper than end user's Cpanel can park it in their Control panel.

    So I called my resseler and asked him to park me that subdomain
    on my main domain.

    best regards,

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