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    Telehouse NY - Dedicated Servers and Colo

    Please reply to this post with any Telehouse customers you know of that offer either Dedicated Servers out of Telehouse NYC and/or Colocation. We and several partners companies are looking for partners in Telehouse.

    So far I have the following and need to clarify and add/remove:

    Rusko (no web site !?)
    NDCTech (are they in Telehouse or Telex or ..?) (Telehouse or ??)
    **********.com (Telehouse or ??)
    DNOW (I cant find a site for this company but heard the name
    mentioned) (Telehouse or ??) (Telehouse or ??)

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    Rusko is at 75 Broad St.
    FroundryNap is at 34 Exchange, don't know if they got to telehouse yet.
    DNOW, I thought they're in NAC
    Dinix <-- Isn't they in Atlanta?

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    rusko - here, everywhere
    ndctech - telehouse
    digitalprinceton - telehouse, 75 broad, cw jersey city among others
    fnap - cw jersey city in choopa's space
    dnow - ( NAC-OCT Parsippany,NJ
    crnc - telehouse
    dinix - atlanta

    good luck.

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