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    Hi all. I am looking for feedback on 1 & 1. They seem to have some great deals on dedicated servers (which come with Plesk 7, too). I tried searching here, and did not find anything.



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    hmm.. I find a bit slow when accessing from asia
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    You searched and didnt find anything on 1and1? There are a lot of write ups...

    My advice from reading other peoples, dont go with a managed server from them. Forces you to run thier control panel.

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    i use 1and1, i got in on the deal when they were giving away the basic plan free for 3 years. 500mb space, 5gigs bandwidth. its been awesome thus far, people can pull eaisly over 1mb/sec on downloads. i just need more bandwidth, you can buy extra bandwidth at .99/gb over-usage.

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    1&1 would've been great if you wanted free hosting for two years three months ago.

    While they might have the best deals on dedicated servers out of all the "professional" datacenters, I wouldn't recommend them. If your server has trouble, you're often stuck for quite a while (tech support is slow). I've also heard mixed reviews about their network.

    If you're currently a reseller, it can be very tempting to go dedicated as soon as you're making the $55/month to buy a cheapie dedicated server. If this is the case, I'd encourage you to pick up a few more customers and go with a considerably better server at ServerMatrix or FDCServers. If being able to sleep at night is important to you, going with a better provider is well worth it.
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    Yes I am currently with ServInt, and they are fantastic. I am simply shopping around for a 2nd server for less important data and sites.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I've been with 1and1 before. There panel is a little bulky and slow. Their support is great though.

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    they have improved their control panel now works at a decent speed. It used to be extremely slow when accesing it through IE but decent when accessing with its ok on both and they have made it a little more logical (some things didnt make sense before).

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