Hello everyone! I'm currently looking to get some workers for my site, http://deltaanime.net. We opened up to the public about 3 weeks ago, but as usual disaster strikes. Due to either one reason or another, all 8 of my staff members took off. In that time, i've spent trying to gather what I could of the site, see what needs to stay, what needs to go, etc. The site it self revolves around gaming, anime, and music.

We're in need of people to provide the following -

- News on the latest Games (previews, demos, screenshots), anime (fansubs, us licenses, new releases), & music (latest cd's & such

- Anime related articles. Currently i've been in the process of writing fully detailed episode summaries of some of hte latest animes available (in this case, Full Metal Alchemist). We'll need full series reviews, articles, etc.

- Game related articles. Reviews/Previews to the latest games & demos, and any screenshots from them that we can capture.

All content for articles will be distrobuted by my self by a form me and the worker will disclose at the time of the interview (dun dun dun).

As for payment, all workers will get 150MB of webspace (along with 1000MB of traffic) to start off with after 1 week of work with us. You'll have full cpanel/php/mysql/fantastico!, etc, etc. Though, one must remember, that if you sign up, work for a week just to get the space, and stop working, so will that space As workers help out more/do a better job, we have no problems boosting those limits We're hoping we'll have people working for us hard enough, that they earn them selves 300MB of space and 5 - 10 GB of traffic a month

To contact me w/ questions or to apply -

AIM - Delta2073
MSN- [email protected]
ICQ - 59596315
E-Mail - [email protected]

Please send all resumes/work samples of your writing skills to [email protected] so we can review it.


~Francisco Dias
DeltaAnime.net Team.