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    First for me

    Just posting a thought and a bit of venting for me...
    A couple of years ago I offered to host and author a complete new site for a student nursing org. Since I was a nursing student and had a small business of hosting I figured doing them a favor. They explained to me that they would really appreciate it and offered 20 per month. I was not looking to make a profit so I did rewrite the site and hosted it. The old site was a simple one with lots of bad colors, tons of animated gifs, etc. I gave it a nice new clean look with clean graphics, database backend for content, etc. A new election year came and the newly elected 'webmaster' said he would take over. I gave him the information and was told by the board he would handle it. Well he did nothing and it ended up appearing as if I was producing all of the stale content. Just a bit ago I was informed that the domain was being moved to a new account with Dotster. I checked with Dotster to be sure as I was concerned about the domain being hijacked. All was okay, then a week or so ago I was forward an email by accident that gave set up instructions for the new account with Verio. So I wrote the board with questions and received no answers. I figured they just decided that I was not working out and moved on. Well they are paid up until July 1, 2004. I figured to be sure the best way is to maintain their site on my servers until 1 July and then delete the account.
    Okay.. long winded yes... but I guess I just felt it was poor business not to be up front and say 'hey, we want to move."
    Thanks for listening!

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    It's too bad they won't respond with a reason, I've had similar situations in the past only a couple of times but it can be fustrating. If you still know someone within the org it may be a window to at least get the reason for the move.

    I have a few volunteer groups I have provided services for, including a local community radio station's online streaming and I really question the return from the investment of time and resources. I generally don't charge these orgs but in the case of the radio stream I currently only have a MP3 intro in the stream saying "brought to you by .. " and I'm supposed to have actual on-air spots running as well, they have never been produced yet though, meanwhile we've been streaming them for almost 2 years.

    Sad part is in the past few months due to staff changes there we now get phone calls from them for support using our toll-free lines, and every time the problem has been at their end with the encoding box, which is a bigger problem since it's also supposed to be the station log device for the regulators.

    Still, you do feel a little better knowing you are giving back
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