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    Question 1 DNS domain for 2 different reseller company


    Here a tricky one and I don't know where to start. I have multiple account of reselling and right now, I'm running over their DNS. I want to have my private DNS soon but I don't want to have different DNS domain for each reselling account I have, is it possible?

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    Yes, you can make personal nameservers on a single domain for different reseller accounts

    . i.e.

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    Just want to be sure to understand.

    Let see I have an account to and another one at On my side I buy for my personnal DNS. Normally, If I put NS1 and NS2 as a sub-domain, it need to be i the same server? What is the two servers are not at the same location? Thanks for the help,


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    Yes, its not necessarry to be the 2 servers on same location. You have to follow below steps for making nameservers:

    i.e. domain is and nameservers to be make and

    1.) Login in Domain control panel (Given by your domain registrar of of Make the personal nameservers by using IP's that are given in Reseller welcome mail. and log off the domain control panel.

    2.) Login in hosting Control panel and Make the ns1 and ns2 A Records with the ip's given in welcome mail.

    All steps are complete. now use these personal nameservers after 24-48 hours. After checking on, if they are completely propagated.

    Follow the above steps for making ns3 and ns4 for making nameservers for another server.

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    Will that allow me to have a site hosted at and an identical site at

    Thus allowing me to have my site accessable even if goes down for a while, without having to wait for the nameservers to propogate??
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