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    Shared Hosting vs Reseller Plan?

    I own 5 domains and currently I only have one shared hosting account with other multi-hosted as subdomains.

    I now want each of my 5 domains has its ip address, SQLs and mail server (i.e.; etc) I also need one SSH account to manage all 5 domains. Finally, I want a total of around 4-5GB web space and 30-50GB bandwidth.

    For my case, would it be wise to purchase a reseller plan? Do reseller plans offer dedicated IPs for each domain? How much should I expect to pay?

    Many thanks.

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    You have a few options. You might be able to get a decent shared hosting plan that allows you to host 5 domains with that amount of space and transfer but I doubt it. So you are probably looking at a high-end reseller plan which would normally come with unlimited domains (or at least 100) which is overkill for you but to get that kind of space/transfer, is probably the only option. You could also contact a host and ask for a custom plan.

    Most reseller accounts come with 2 IPs but I'm sure you can purchase more from any host. As for SSH access, are you sure you need that. Alot of hosts (the security conscious ones) do not offer it but many do so you'll find something somewhere. Lastly, you can try requesting here:
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    Base on your requirements, I would recommend you to go for a dedicated hosting. Shared hosting usually won't offer SSH and they will not able to offer you that much webspace and bandwidth.

    Dedicated Host will usually cost you arund $30 ~ $100 per month depending on configuration.
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