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    Buying power for lower pricing

    Does anyone know of a company or group that combines buying power to get lower pricing? Much of the hosting provider software is drastically reduced with volume, but not everyone can 50 cPanel licenses or 200 fantastico licenses at a time.


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    I would think cPanel licenses and fantastico licenses are normally purchased at the server level. In other words, these licenses are meant for those who have a serious inclination to invest them money on this trade.

    Personally, I have not heard of any group combining purchase power on such products and each license (if I did not mistook the point) is server based and cannot share across different server.

    I would think getting a reseller plan from an established source will be a more affordable alternative. You have the ease of leaving the owner of the server to handle most critical issues of his own server while handling more general technical and customer support issue from your front desk.

    Hope this might help.

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    Well, I guess I was not referring to "sharing" licenses across servers. Most places say if you buy 5+ licenses, you get a certain % off. I would think that this would be something good to start to get reduced pricing on licenses.

    Fortunately or unfortunately I chose to cut out the middle man a while ago and now I own my own data center. Nothing vastly fancy, but a good, reliable, data center none the less.
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    Probably I have mistaken your meaning from the last post.
    I would think it looks good in the surface whereby you get a reduced pricing but there are alot of complications behind saving on such course.

    E.g. trust issue: How can you gather 5 or more reliable buyers to share your cost? Who will do the liasing and how the programmes are distributed? How can you be sure that the other co-buyer did not use the license illegally? I mean the licenses was purchased by you and you held the largest responsibility if not all.

    support issue: Some of these licenses are purchased under one name and as such, support will only be provided to the REGISTERED BUYER. This will leave the other co-buyers with not technical support.

    There are many more issues that might arise.

    I hope i didn't say the wrong thing on the last message but do hope that my reply helps you in one way or another.

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