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    A resource usage meter?


    My webhost informed me that some websites use more than 50GB data transfer a month without putting a load on the server, while some use less than 5GB traffic a month and have to eventually move to a dedicated server because of the load they put on the server.

    They also told me that my site is one of the leading CPU resource users on the server but if I have not been contacted by a tech that there is a need to move to a dedicated server then there is no need to be concerned (yet).

    No need to be concerned? Of course I am concerned. One of these days I could be contacted by a tech and I don't want to move to a dedicated server because I can't manage it nor pay for it.

    So according to the above, bandwith usage don't mean a damn thing! It's useless to monitor your bandwith usage. Why doesn't someone invent a "resource usage" meter (in CPanel)? That way I can check if my site is using too many resource or not. I've also heard from several persons that they were using very little bandwith and still got their account closed. If they had a "resource usage" meter, then they could have seen it coming.

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    CPanel does have a way to track how much bandwidth you use.

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    Thats not what he asked for though, he knows the transfer is monitored but is saying about server resource useage.

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    I also would like to know of any existing programs that hosts are using or have used in the past to monitor this.
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    the problem could be that scripts that you are using on your website are using alot of system resources.

    Are you running any python/perl/cgi scripts on your website?

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    A mysql driven site generating 50gb transfer could use alot of resources (if the code wasn't great). Moving from shared to dedicated is a big jump though. Maybe they could put you on a semi-dedicated service or something?
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    Yes, it's true, sometimes huge DB or scripts use a very big amount of server resources with comparatively small amount of bandwidth. What to do in this case - work with your DB or script's code

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