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    Looking For Info on:, ***** .net

    Guys, I am preparing to move my reseller account from my current host.

    My Prime Canidates so far are:

    etee c. net and inetter. net

    I have not seen any "Negative" type of feedback regarding them, however I did notice that both of their accounts were disabled here - and that does concern me..

    What can you tell me?
    What recomadations do you make?

    In keeping with this Forums Rules, I am not "Requesting Hosting" - I am however seeking guidance on my next choice. So any guidance/advice would be greatly apperciated.
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    Anytime an account is disabled here that only means that they likely broke one of the WHT rules. While that may not be a good thing, it does not mean anything about the quality, or lack of, as a host.

    Good luck in your search.
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