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    setcookie() problem

    When i write a cookie with the function setcookie(), i found the cookie in c:\windows\cookies on the name "[email protected]{1}.txt"

    When i look in my config file for my apache "php.ini" my is PHPSESSID

    My program PHP can't retrieve my cookie. I think that's because the name of the cookie.
    Is anybody can help me please !

    I use a "Ethernet braodband router (D-LINK DI-704P)".

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    The sessionID or the name of the file where the cookie is stored on the disk (actually cookies are not saved like that, only Explorer shows them as separate files into the interface for easy (!) retrieval).

    Can you show us an example of your code so we can better help you out? Cookies are somewhat tricky to work with when unfamiliar.

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