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    Dell Power Edge 1650 for sale CHEAP!

    I still have 1 Dell Power Edge 1650 left for getting pretty sick of looking at it.

    1.4Ghz P3 w/ 512 cache (Dual capable)
    1.5GB of ECC RAM
    Dual 73GB SCSI Drives 10k RPMs
    Perc3ci RAID controller (128MB)
    Dual Gigabit ethernet
    Original box + some manuals/cds
    4 Yr warranty with about 1 1/2 years used so far.

    I also have matched 1.26Ghz P3s in the box if you want to them instead of the 1.4Ghz chip for a few extra bux.

    first $1400 takes it...OBO.

    I am looking to get rid of this ASAP, so im willing to deal.

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    Just to confirm.....this is 1u Rackmountable.

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