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    a chat wiht Rackspace rep

    I was on Rackspace site and a live chat thing comes up...I was is the chat log

    warning:extreme stupidity

    "A RS Rep": Welcome to Rackspace! My name is "A RS Rep", and I am a LIVE fanatical service agent here to help answer your questions.

    Guest2777: Hi

    "A RS Rep": hello

    "A RS Rep": how are you?

    Guest2777: Fantastic

    "A RS Rep": great

    "A RS Rep": What brings you to our site today?

    Guest2777: some research

    "A RS Rep": I se

    "A RS Rep": see

    "A RS Rep": Are you looking for a managed dedicated server?

    Guest2777: do you offer game servers

    "A RS Rep": we custom build all of our servers, game servers are an option

    Guest2777: o

    Guest2777: how much

    "A RS Rep": however they aren't to popular here due to the cost of our managed services and bandwidth pricing

    "A RS Rep": We custom build your solution to fit your needs. Therefore, our prices vary for everyone, and we can scale up and down to fit your changing business needs.

    Guest2777: hum..

    "A RS Rep": Is there a specific budget you are trying to stay within on this project, per month?

    Guest2777: ya

    Guest2777: less than 50

    "A RS Rep": sorry

    "A RS Rep": not here

    "A RS Rep": Entry level for our services on Linux start around $350 US dollars a month

    "A RS Rep": Entry level for our services on Windows starts around $400 US dollars a month

    Guest2777: hum...

    Guest2777: how good are they

    "A RS Rep": as good as you want it to be

    "A RS Rep": we custom build

    Guest2777: do you custom build cpu's

    "A RS Rep": we custom configure the processors, memory, and hard-drive

    Guest2777: ah ha

    Guest2777: I meant 50k, by the way

    "A RS Rep": a month

    Guest2777: correct

    "A RS Rep": $50,000?

    Guest2777: no

    "A RS Rep": what then?

    Guest2777: 50 pakistanese currency

    "A RS Rep": oh

    "A RS Rep": I have no idea how much that is

    Guest2777: about 1american dollar

    "A RS Rep": but I can assure you we don't host too many game servers here......yeah that is way far from your budget

    Guest2777: ok

    "A RS Rep": try

    Guest2777: thank you for behind so helpful

    Guest2777: are they cheap

    "A RS Rep": yes

    "A RS Rep": If you don't mind me asking...How did you hear about us?

    Guest2777: a friend told me

    "A RS Rep": thank you

    Guest2777: he is a customer there

    "A RS Rep": ok

    Guest2777: how cheap is do you think?

    "A RS Rep": $100 a month

    Guest2777: are they as good/

    "A RS Rep": yes

    Guest2777: why are they cheap then

    "A RS Rep": they are an unmanaged provider...we are managed

    "A RS Rep": or they are self0managed if you will

    Guest2777: o

    Guest2777: can i selfmanage

    Guest2777: at

    "A RS Rep": no

    "A RS Rep": we manage the hardware for you

    Guest2777: i thought you would fit our needs

    Guest2777: can i get a trial

    "A RS Rep": you don't have the budget, I'm sorry

    Guest2777: how do i save this chat

    Guest2777: i want to show it to my boss

    "A RS Rep": I would have to e-mail it to you

    Guest2777: he might want to put more money in

    Guest2777: o

    "A RS Rep": a game server runs in the the thousands of US dollars per month

    Guest2777: really? i saw ones with about 150-250

    "A RS Rep": runs in the thousands

    Guest2777: wow

    Guest2777: how is the ping

    Guest2777: in game

    "A RS Rep": I would try serverbeach first if I were you

    Guest2777: are you affiliated with them

    "A RS Rep": yes

    Guest2777: o

    "A RS Rep": they are our sister company

    Guest2777: are you as a person, or as rackspace

    Guest2777: o

    "A RS Rep": I am a real person

    Guest2777: no, i mean are you personally affiliated with them

    Guest2777: never mind, anyhow

    Guest2777: where is your datacenter

    "A RS Rep": serverbeach is our sister company

    "A RS Rep": we have 4 datacenters

    Guest2777: do you have one near asia

    "A RS Rep": no

    Guest2777: near, not in

    "A RS Rep": In USA and UK

    Guest2777: which one is better for asia gamerrs

    "A RS Rep": USA

    Guest2777: is there a gamehost customer in rackspace ..that i could test

    "A RS Rep": not that I know of, sorry

    Guest2777: do you play games

    "A RS Rep": no

    Guest2777: why not

    Guest2777: they are fun

    "A RS Rep": I don't own a computer

    Guest2777: you could play xbox

    "A RS Rep": Playstation2 is what I have

    Guest2777: nice

    Guest2777: why dont you own a pc, btw?

    Guest2777: rackspace should pay good money

    Guest2777: doesn it

    "A RS Rep": saving up to buy 1

    Guest2777: ya, get a nice one

    "A RS Rep": I "A RS Rep"

    Guest2777: can we just go on and on?

    Guest2777: technically you are helping the customer

    "A RS Rep": yes, but I have other chats as well

    Guest2777: ok, lets just keep going on then

    Guest2777: do you usually meet idiots like me

    "A RS Rep": I really can't I need to leave to go home soon

    Guest2777: in the chats

    Guest2777: tell me when you want to leave

    Guest2777: oo dont you get double the money if you work overtime

    "A RS Rep": well it is 10 minutes after 5pm when I'm supposed to leave already

    Guest2777: o

    Guest2777: email the chat to <Removed> can you

    Guest2777: thanks for all the help

    "A RS Rep": you are welcome

    800-961-2888 ext. zzz
    210-892-4025 ext. zzz
    210-892-zzz fax

    [email protected]

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    Why did you waste the man's time? Rackspace is a well respected company with great staff.
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    I wasted one minute of my life reading that..
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    ...just proves how stupid you are.
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    Originally posted by
    ...just proves how stupid you are.
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    I had a very nice chat with the rackspace staff via that live chat service, at first I was annoyed with it popping up in my face but they were very friendly and did me a custom quote.

    Shame it was all so expensive.

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    that was 2 mins of my life ill never get back
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    Toad... that chat just showed your stupidity, not his.
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    lol ... thats funny.
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    Originally posted by derf9o9
    that was 2 mins of my life ill never get back
    mmm yup, same here

    I think I lost a few brain cells while I was at it too...
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    that was 50% as funny as it could have been.
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