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    need to buy

    1. First of all, my company wants to BUY this name, dsp dot com
    Is it necessary to buy BOTH dsp dot com and www dot dsp dot com?
    (Why can't I post URLs? I don't know anything to make 5 posts to post a URL! I just need to know this! )

    2. Secondly, what's the name worth? It's a local site, not a lot of traffic, and they're only forwarding to his real web addy. It's very important my company secure these domains as we have already had a LOT of misdirected traffic and we are losing business to this little pokey guy's site! We are a new worldwide site, but not much income yet. So we'll use it more than he does, but can't afford a huge price right now.

    We'd like to get it under $100, what do you think? It's a good, short name, and we really need it, but we don't want him to know how bad we do!

    3. Thirdly, what's the "kosher" way to offer to purchase these? How should we phrase our offer? Should we offter to have it appraised professionally or just offer straight out? Any etiquette? And business advice to obtain the names for a good price?

    digitalscrapbookplace dot com

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    I don't think you'll be able to get it for under $100...more like $1000

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    I think it will take a lot more than $100 to get the domain im afraid...

    Looks like quite an established business running there already.

    For a company to change their domain.

    I would say your looking at a figure in the $$$$$ rather than the $$$

    if they will sell at all.

    If a domain name is not offically for sale then all you can do is send the owner an email.

    you dont need to register and seperatly

    just my thoughts hope they make sense

    EDIT: it really does depend on the size of the business running on the domain atm. If you spent time and money advertising a domain you wouldnt want to change and have to advertise another one!

    If it is a guy in his bedroom then he might jump at $1000
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    on your third question

    if u get it appraised professionally you probably find its valued pretty high

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    Three letter .coms are some of the highest demands out there. You probably can't get one for $100 unless its like or somethign (and even then it would be hard). Try coming up w/ an alternative name for your company.

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    3 digit domain can cost you over $1000.

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