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    Apple Mac As a server?


    Im thinking to get a Mac G5 and make it as a server/host. What do i need interms of software, database application and etc?

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    Well...2 things come to mind, I doubt you'll like either of them.

    1...Why? Its known that Apple computers while very nice and pretty, are also very overpriced. You can only buy apple products thorugh Apple so they charge whatever the want. A G5 would run very nicely, but so would a Dual Xeon HT you could buy with that same chunck of cash.

    2. If your asking tihs, do you really want to go out and spend all the money mentioned in #1 if you dont know what your doing yet?

    If your convinced about using a Mac by an older G3/4 used so you can at least figure out what your doing and then buy a top of the line G5 instead of getting the G5 now and it being old by the time you know how to use it properly

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    I can't help you out with any specific information, but this place is offering G5 dedicated hosting:

    maybe you can email them and ask them for the specifics of their servers and copy them.

    Also check out this place:
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    This could be very lucrative if you have the expertise. People who need an apple platform will most certainly pay a premium for it - They've got no other choice.
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    There are a multitude of reasons why the G5 would be an excellent platform for hosting. And no, they don't cost more than comparably priced Xeons. In fact, the Xserve G5 is an amazing steal compared to any of Dell's similar offerings.

    Mac OS X offers the easiest Apache configuration of any OS, the power of BSD (it essentially IS FreeBSD), dream-like security configuration and updating, a licensing agreement that is way better than anyfrom RedHat or Microsoft...I could go on and on. I'm historically a *NIX junkie, and right now my business is based on RedHat. To me the only glaring problem with hosting on Mac OS X right now is the lack of a decent control panel for end users. However, once Cpanel for OS X is finished (and it sounds like that will be very soon), we will seriously consider it as an alternative platform to RHEL.

    Don't listen to people who slam a computer based on the price, especially when they're talking about servers. When it comes to the cost of a server, the sky is the limit, and for the most part you get what you pay for. If I was an educated customer and your hosting company wasn't willing to spend $5000 on a modestly-configured Xeon or G5, I would have serious concerns about giving you my business. If you're a budget host, it might be understandable that you would choose cheaper hardware. But some of us (and probably many more of us than most budget hosts realize) are willing to pay more for the higher level of service that better hardware allows. But that's another story...

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    There are lots of hosts out there that provice Mac based hosting. It can be very lucrative for the people that have used nothing but.

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    What control panel software runs on OS X?
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    Most control panel software that runs on BSD is easy to get running on OS X. Also, an OS X-specific version of Cpanel is coming soon.

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