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    I have changed my site a little, please let me know what you think. | Technical Intelligence

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    A very neat page.

    However, Just some ideas you might want to follow

    1) Wonder whether there is a need for so many similar links are various location. E.g "home" was found 3 times in the same page.

    2) I think the header is abit empty. No doubt you says what this site is all about on top. But People normally will look at the more colourful graphic and find it blank in their mind because there is nothing written there.

    3) The forum: I don't know what I should comment but i have this feeling. The forum just pop out that covers the whole width. I know it is hard to make that look neat and compatible with the other page though. But give me a "shock" to see the "width".

    4) I have to give good comments for your use of icons. GOOD JOB DONE. Very impressive.

    Overall, I like you neat and stay-simple design.

    Good Job and Good luck

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