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    Exclamation Strange Email Solicitations for Price Quotes

    I work for a company in the telecommunications business as my day job, we sell phone systems, networking equipment, etc.

    As of a couple of days ago, we have received multiple requests through our sales and info email boxes for telephone systems and networking gear. From the emails, it is apparent that English is not their first language.

    All of the emails list a US address, but request the product be shipped to an address outside of the US (England, Spain, Nigeria) and all will be paid by CC. They all request a quote first.

    We responded to one quote via email and the person has been cooperative thus far.

    Anyone else get any wierd requests lately?

    -Thanks in advance-

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    A bunch of our clients have gotten these as well, same's a scam. Most wanted shipments to Nigeria.

    - John C.

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    I get those all the time for people that are looking ot have notebooks, computer hardware shipped to them.

    I get them via eBay as well.

    Scamming... especially since they say that they only want to pay via CC.

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    probably stolen credit card numbers or fraud involved just by the way they're requesting the stuff it's so fishy. if it's not crucial to the survival of your company (which i guess it's not) then maybe you should drop it or research them more. are they companies or individuals? the US address is probably only the one of the cc owner. btw those kind of people always tend to be over-cooperative so as to stop you from having any doubts.

    here's my story: i have had one experience of the sort where some guy requested a quote for a high bandwidth hosting account. he said he couldn't pay with paypal, because his country wasn't in the allowed list (Turkey). he wanted to pay by credit card. i charged him through a friend who has a merchant account, he got his hosting for one month, and then he does a chargeback on the credit card. never heard of him or anything again, and the fraud is still being investigated.

    at least in my case it wasn't a tangible product so i didn't really lose anything. my advice though: keep away from this.

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    Re: Strange Email Solicitations for Price Quotes

    QUOTE]Originally posted by -alb-
    Anyone else get any wierd requests lately?[/QUOTE]

    Quite odd.

    Only tip I can give is Email quotes are harmless but phone sales are better verifiable. Phone verification cuts down fraud quite a bit (does not eliminate - that is a risk in any business - especially online).

    Recently, we have been getting 10 year domain registrations. Quite odd and our domains are not low (9.95 /yr).

    Couldn't verify any of the customers over phone. Definitely fraud.
    Sid Shroff
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