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    waht do you think ?


    Just made this design,

    and i wanted to know how much people think it;s worth,

    I'm only selling it as a layered PSD,, not HTML.

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    If you would ask about the design, I would say there is no breakthrough compared to the many that are selling in the template forum.

    The header style is extremely similar to any other with the sky and the server.

    There are apparently 2 contact links attached. Not sure if it is too many.

    The hosting plans: There is a little gap at the very end. I would say it is better to make the 3 plans just fall neatly to fill that left column space.

    Something else is missing as well but I can't really say what. Might be someone else can add on.

    Worth: I would say about $20-35? Just a rough gauge.

    Hope this might help.

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