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    Improve customer relations - Free!

    Would you like to get to know your customers a better? All the basics like what industry they work in, what country they are from, the number of employees etc, plus the really valuable data such as what is it that they are having problems with?

    We have finally finished the development of a questionnaire to tell you just that! In addition, we can add up to three of your own question specific to your organisation, provide the code to put into cpanel and / or code for your main website so that setup only takes a few seconds and we are providing this service free!

    Why? We are writing an academic paper on ecommerce and require a good sample size. To us, the respondents will be numbers; to you they will be customers. We both benefit.

    What format does the data arrive?
    We will provide you with all your raw data in the form of a CSV and / or MySQL as well as a report showing the average user responses and listing the answers to open questions.

    You can see an example of the questionnaire at
    This can be branded with your logo.

    The code we provide you with will hide our URL and will display your logo so the customer will have no reason to think anyone but yourself is running the questionnaire.

    If you want to get to know your customers so that you can improve your service to them please visit

    We look forward to working with you.

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    Thanks to all those who have shown an interest, you have now all been contacted.

    For those who are yet to join we do have a few more places, so you still have the chance to improve your customer satisfaction and ultimately profitabilty. If this appeals to you, please contact me ASAP.
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    Hi m8 you never know when you will bump in to someone you know online.

    I use your script and it is sweet great results loads of importants info

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