Hi all,

I have exim on my server and I need this:

- Virtual domains
- Virtual users
- Email redirection

The info should be in files (no mysql). But I need a config that does "email redirection" too. The users choose if they want a local mailbox or simply a redirection to another email address. For example this would be the virtual users file for one domain (I don't know if this would be correct):

File virtual_users_example.com:
forwarduser1:[email protected]

Something like this, to allow email redirection too. If exim detects it is a local user then delivers the mail to his mailbox, but if its a redirection sends the mail to the target email.

And what would be a fine a POP3 service to let users read their mail?. The POP3 service must read the users passwords from a file (each user has different password), I suppose the same file used by exim to read virtual users.

Can someone show me an exim config to do this? I'm totally new to exim and this seems quite difficult for me

Thanks, and sorry for my english