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    Payment Processors: Manual and Web Based

    One of my clients is in dire need of a new solution.

    Currently, they are using Paypal to process the sales of their courses and seminars. Due to the username and password part of the process, it is absolutely killing their users. They just can't wrap their mind around proper usage.

    I was tasked with coming up with a system that would work similarly, except be more simple. Also, the added benefit of using Manual transaction entries is important, since they also receive fax orders.

    I reccomended mypaysystems, but they baited and switched on the transaction fees. Their rates are exorbinate, especially for a client that will do heavy volumes only at certain points in the year.

    My question to you, the group I have come to for advice, is what system would best suit my needs? We need something allows for both form processed and manual transactions, with a reasonable transaction fee for sale units aroun 300 dollars per. The client wants the payment processing done remotely, and the information will be forwarded along using hidden fields in the form page on their website.

    Most importantly, we want the system to be as EASY as possible.

    Thank you so much for you help and time. I appreciate all this community has to offer.

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    Is this a US based company?

    If they are offshore then the paysystems 5% is a very good price indeed.

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    If they are based in the US & will do about $1,000 a month, consider a merchant account. You will have some monthly fees (usually about $20) but this gives you a virtual terminal, a place to download your transactions in a CSV format, ability to batch if a large order came thru, etc.

    Otherwise, consider paysystems or 2CO. No monthly charges etc.

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    You know PayPal now can accept CC payments without users having to sign in. Furthermore they have an API you can integrate directly with and get around alot of the stuff that might be causing the problem.

    Take a look it might solve your problem.

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