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    My GNAX/ review!

    Well what can I say? Finally a company that has shown me that supreme service and value for money is still a possibility.

    After multiple let downs from my previous hosting provider I have struggled to find another host that can offer me a similar service that I was getting at around the same money, should I say someone who can actually forfill the service they are offering! As we all know the choice for cheap Eastern based hosts is very limited, one recent name that grabbed my attention was GNAX, after trying all other Eastern providers I could find I quickly gave GNAX an email when I became aware of there existance.

    The first email went to tranxactglobal as this seems to be the division of GNAX that actually sell servers to the public. Being on a limited budget I sent an email with a request to come close to my current pricing scheme, this was returned with "sorry we cant help you, though you should try one of our resellers" and the reseller they said I should try was "".

    I contacted Brian on [email protected], he then got back to me with an offer I just couldnt refuse! Even though it was a great offer I still pondered and I excahnged many emails before making my decision and the answers to every email were exactly what I wanted to hear, even with a small concern that it was too good to be true, I purchased a server.

    The server was quickly brought to life, exactly how I wanted it, so I set about the server to start transferring information from my previous host, which was a battle in itself as my old host kept going down The server seemed to be fine apart from some transfers were going alot slower than others, it seemed to be a bit of a random problem, namely I was getting a slow transfer from my other server which set off alarm bells. I contacted Brian, this was quickly tested and fixed, it required full duplex mode to be forced on from within FreeBSD.

    I am now a few months down the line into my new establishment and I dont believe I've exchanged anymore support emails apart from to get a few things setup (like delegation of reverse DNS). My site members have been more than happy with the 100% uptime server and reported transfer speeds from across the globe have been maxing out the clients connection. I've done a few test transfers from sites and ive seen up to 8MB/sec transfers from some remote sites on occasions, from my other server on atrivo I can get 300-400KB/sec, I am more than happy with the speeds. I have done a few traceroutes from UK locations as this is where I live and they have been amongst the best I have seen, my client base are predominantly UK based also.

    I am in the frame of mind that I prefer to have Brian as my reseller than to have gone direct with GNAX, he is more than helpful, he is my extra line of support who gets things done prompto. Since being a customer I have had a few emails from Brian, always to enquire how the server is going and if there is anything at all that he can change to make the service better, to quote "Let me know if there's anything your not happy with at all, we want to make sure your 100% satisfied.".

    What more can you ask for from a provider? I really dont think there is much more I will ever need. I highly recommend FXPBackup as a reseller, Brian has made me feel like a "special customer" and I really cant say how homely I have been made to feel. I would also like to say that I am not a reseller of GNAX/FXPBackup or any other way related at all apart from being a customer!

    If you are interested in contacting Brian I believe you can contact him on [email protected]

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    Just wanted to thank "pillhead" for his kind words. We've been lucky to get some really great clients and the service we get from Gnax allows us to concentrate our energy on the important things.
    Gnax dedicated servers and backup solutions.

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