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    CultureTech Resellers Offer

    Currently at we have a full list of reseller accounts on offer:

    Reseller Accounts: These are for the people who will be managing many websites or for those who wish to be able to create accounts for other people using their specifications. With WHM it gives you the option of having multiple domains. With these accounts you get as default:

    MySQL databases.
    POP3 accounts.
    Email forwarders.
    Auto responders.
    IMAP support.
    FTP access.
    Server side includes.
    Frontpage extensions.
    Cron jobs.
    Raw log files.
    Webalizer stats.
    AW stats.
    PHP support.
    + more.

    Natural Plan : This is for people who only need a small account for a personal site and possibly a few friends personal sites. With this deal you get 500mb space and 5 gig of bandwidth along with the default features above.
    Usual Price: 17.50/month *Offer Price*: 10/month ($17 approx)

    Normal Plan: This is for people who wish to have their own personal set of space, maybe a forum or a CMS along with the capabilities of offering a few paid accounts under your name or even just a few sites you want to run yourself. This account comes with 1gb space and 15gb of bandwidth, along with all the default features above.
    Usual Price: 25/month *Offer Price* 12/month ($20 approx)

    Noticable Plan : This is for people who need a bit of a bigger account for their sites, maybe have a big forum or gallery. Is useful for a reseller wanting to start hosting themselves under their own name. Comes with 3gb space and 30gb of Bandwidth, along with all the default features mentioned above
    Usual Price: 30/month *Offer Price* 20/month ($35 approx)

    Network Plan : This is the ultimate account for those needing a lot of space for reselling hosting or even for a big network of sites. It comes with 5gb of space and 50gig of bandwidth included with the default features mentioned above.
    Usual Price: 40/month *Offer Price* 30/month ($50 approx)

    Please check the website for more information or email us as we may be able to offer you a custom price.
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    Please Note that this offer is open until 21st April.

    All purchases of the Network Plan also come with a free domain name (subject to availability).

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