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Thread: Marketing tips?

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    Question Marketing tips?

    Share some unconventional marketing tips! Any other ideas?
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    Hire a streaker at a large sporting event
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    Actually that will depend on your trade and your location.

    Talent Development programme? You will get alot of attention by the parents which are potential customers.

    Guiness Record event? Make it publised and see what you can get out of it.

    Just a few thoughts

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    LOL:-) I like the streaking ads:-) Good thinking!
    Do you or your clients need an ecard site/marketing campaign? We have content!

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    Unconventional? There are plenty of conventional ones to be explored, I'm sure.

    Dynamic Net posted a good set of local marketing tips here once a long time ago. I can't find the original WHT thread, but I did save the info, and recently reposted it here:

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    Greetings I, Brian:

    <blushing> And at least you have a better picture than I ;-)

    Of note, we've seen more growth through local marketing, social networking, and partnership building than when we were spending $700 to 1,000 per month on just Overture advertisements.

    While there can be hard costs in local marketing and partnership building, the main cost is time.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Try to get on the TV news. Do some charity stunt and get the media to report about it. Not does it feel good doing something for a charity - it will also help build up a good reputation and will get you business. Even small, but outstanding charity events can be very effectful.
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    One of the areas where we've had so much mixed results our heads spin has been TV et all.

    We've been featured as one of three companies in a HP video shoot promoting HP servers and technology ==>

    Over the years, we've been on TV a few times -- helping a local junior high school, helping a local advocacy against violence, et all -- and yet, these tend to be the most forgotten events even in our local market.

    A short while back, we were featured two days in a row on the front cover of the business section of the local (and only county) paper dealing with our battles against spam prevention as well as our anti-virus scanning of email.

    Yet, calls we made the same week resulted in people stating they didn't read the paper ;-)

    So while TV opportunities are nice, and we would never turn them down, we've gotten more out of doing local presentations at business clubs, and social networking along with partnership building than from the TV.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Good to see you're still around, dynamicnet - and still pasing on helpful experience.

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    * hey everyone

    i didnt want to start a new silly thread just yeat cause im in the same boat that at least a couple are... as far as dealing with the local market

    heres what i got to work with:

    *the local markets really expensive like $20 /month for any shared hosting plan ... this is mostly due to high bandwidth cost and a higher standard of living

    *i need to find what way as in stuff like flyers works best:
    -from the information i have gather off of WHT the reccomend "aproaching biznesses with flyers and stuff" .. is this typical and normal
    -would a classafied ad be worth anything
    -would it be a good idea to advertise in the local paper
    -would you deliver ads in peoples "black boxes" basically a slot for local paper /+advertisements
    -what about these local buissness meetings are they any good

    *i have somewhat of a budget, want mostly the biggest bang for my buck


    B U T -- thanks for your input SO MUCH

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