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    DNS Report

    I've just ran a DNS report on a domain and this came up as failed, how would I go about correcting this issue?

    Thanks in advance

    Missing (stealth) nameservers

    FAIL: You have one or more missing (stealth) nameservers. The following nameserver(s) are listed (at your nameservers) as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the the parent nameservers (therefore, they may or may not get used, depending on whether your DNS servers return them in the authority section for other requests, per RFC2181 5.4.1). You need to make sure that these stealth nameservers are working; if they are not responding, you may have serious problems! The DNS Report will not query these servers, so you need to be very careful that they are working properly.

    This is listed as an ERROR because there are some cases where nasty problems can occur (if the TTLs vary from the NS records at the root servers and the NS records point to your own domain, for example).

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    Have you recently made any changes to the DNS? might still be propogating, otherwise it usually means that the nameservers are set from the domain level, but not configured on the server for that domain.

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    Greetings AA2004:

    Presuming the name servers you listed are name servers for your domain name, those domain names need to be listed as name servers with the domain name registrar with whom they were registered.

    For example if the domain name "" of the machine name "" was registered with Network Solutions, then Network Solutions would have to be notified that is a name server.

    Different registrars have different procedures for alerting them that a given domain name is also a name server domain name.

    Check with your domain name registrar for your domain name servers to find out their process for registering those domain names as name servers.

    Thank you.
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