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    cheap hosting we need to use up our server so cut prices on all deals.

    hi all,
    i have a dedicated server but need to fill it up so that im square with the price to get my next server. This means i need to fill this up asap so im offering cheaper prices than usual. Check the site for current deals ( and if u want cut prices (probably about half price on anything over $4 then mail me at [email protected])
    I can also get you shell accounts if u require them for cheaper than competitors but mail me direct for those ([email protected])

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    I don't mean to put a downer on your ad, but I'm currently looking for a host myself. AND your website seems to be down. This isn't a good sign!

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    hi beichhor

    the only site down is as i need to rebuild it totally but the server is definatly up, i am offering these cheap deals as i will be getting anotehr server as soon as i get alittle more income to pay for the first server. Cheers if u want to host the offer still stands, what you need etc?

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    Ummm in your Flash, it says "Short Slogan Here"

    Just some creative input

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    yeh sry

    yeh when i made it i couldnt decide upon a slogan so i jsut put that once i decide on a sloigan ill add it again. also the company logo was just one i foudn on the web which was royalty free until i design a proper logo. cheers anwyay

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    Our web site is still under construction but we thought we would offer our killer hosting plans now to get the ball rolling
    aim:- ochw181
    msn:- [email protected]

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