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    one final question, regarding email and host

    i have found the unix host i want to use. but they don't offer AV on their mail servers. should i be concerned. they responded that their spam blocker would keep out certain file types.

    here's a what if that may help me understand better: company 1 doesn't offer AV on their mail servers. and another myDoom comes out. will all those emails bombard me. and then my AV on my home pc pulling off their mail servers will do all the work.

    but company 2 that offers on AV would block those file before they get to me?

    so essentially what's the ramifications as to having AV on mail servers or not. and also if i receive a ton of email do to a virus spamming me, does that normally count against bandwidth? thx

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    the good thing about the having AV on the mail server is that the server will detect the virus and you won't need to download the mail to find out that is a virus

    the other good thing is that most of the server based AV run automatically software updates thus will guarantee more current virus signature and eventualy provide you with better protection

    the 3rd good thing is that if you don't have AV software on your PC you will still have protection and this for the most users is just enough

    the bad thing about running AV on your PC is usually the resources being taking from your PC. I would suggest to go with the host that offer AV on the mail server

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    If company #1 is (as they say) using a spam filter to strip attachments, then you won't get viruses (directly) in your inbox as long as they remove all executable attachments. Unfortunately, you will most certainly still get virus emails with the virus in a zip (fairly common) unless they strip all zip files as well, which is probably not a good thing if anyone ever sends you files.

    If company 2 uses AV, they will usually strip all viruses from the email regardless of what type of attachment it is in. The biggest caveats to AV scanning are:

    - You may not get email from people you know who happen to have a virus (check if the host cleans or deletes).
    - Virus scanners are cpu intensive and put extra load on busy mail servers... though That won't matter unless the host overloads their servers already.

    Most shared hosts will not count email traffic against your bandwidth unless it's way beyond normal (in which case, you would probably be the spammer ). Email disk space usually is counted against your total space, but that's rarely much as long as you check your mail frequently.
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    what percentage (rough estimate) of emails containing viruses will be blocked in regards to a company that uses only spam filtering to filter viruses vs one that uses AV.

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    I personally feel that since there are so many viruses coming out everyday, it would be better to go with a host with AV plus avoid using Outlook. Thunderbird from is a far better email client
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    i agree with domainwala, there are too many viruses now days

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    just in case someone else what's to know in the future. the hosts i have found that have AV on their mail servers and i am considering are: unitedhosting,hostnexus,realwebhost. that's all so far, eventhough i know their must be a ton more out there.

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