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    backing up a database woes

    hey guys

    you know when you got to backup the database by going to phpmyadmin - export - choose db - go and then get a load of text.
    Say if the database was for a forum would that text contain everything except for images? how do i backup any user posted images/avatars/smileys etc

    I havent tried the cpanel backup cos i've seen on several ocasion where someone says " oh i've got a cpanel backup of my database" to be answered with that backup being useless?



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    what forum software are you using?

    please use proper english by the way - I can barely make out what you mean.

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    does a phpmyadmin dump of the database include all data such as images or just text based data and table structure?

    does a cpanel backup include all the data? is it a safe method of backup as i've seen previous threads/posts where a cpanel backup has been dismissed as being useless.

    does that make more sense? not beeing able to understand what someone means does not mean poor english skills, for all you know i may be foreign, a simple "could you rephrase you question as i don't understand it" would have sufficed.

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    User posted images remotely would be imported with the text in posts.

    none of the actual images for ipb are hosted within the database, they are all called by a database, but actually stored in jpg format in the upload/ directory within the ipb root directory.

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    aha, so at the same time as backing up the database through a mysql dump i should also backup all forum files as the images would be in there, cool cheers

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    just backup the database, as well as the files in ftp.

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    There should be nothing wrong with doing a backup in Cpanel.

    Obviously if you get a 1k text file then there's probably something screwy, though.

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