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    Eryxma Alternatives

    I've been with Eryxma for a year now. At first everything was good but with all the trouble everyone else has had lately my instinct tells me to get out while the getting is good.

    Currently I'm on one of their VPS plans where you have real root access, lots of space, and all that good stuff. Has anyone else who has left (and there seems to have been a few) found a comparable alternative? I've looked at lots of people who say they offer VPS but then don't give you root access or they are a lot more expensive (with less space etc) than what I pay now.

    I am going to use host quote but I'd like to find out if anyone has jumped ship on Eryxma and found someone better?

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    Eryxma suck....


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    I seeking an alternative too. But now I 'd like to have a stable company, even if the price is higher with regulary backup.

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    Well after looking around I found JVDS and VPSColo. They are run by the same company but offer different levels of service. JVDS is pretty much a good replacement for the plain Redhat 9 VPS that eryxma offers (and are comparable in price). VPSColo is more of a managed service but is still a VPS.

    Personally, I decided to just pay more and went with VPSColo and I'm absolutely happy with the decision. I get low priority tech support questions answered in minutes and the servers are very fast.

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    it's terribly down

    even is down

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    I've diversified and gone with two hosts -- (actually ) and

    i made the decision to go with both of these companies after doing some heavy research on these forums. So far, I've been -very- happy with both of them.

    For various reasons I like to keep my domains split -- mostly because I've been -so- burned in the past. I will also never go with a company again that insists on money for service up front. I'd rather pay more and pay monthly so I can duck out quickly if things get bad again.

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    I will talk to eryxma and check why such thing is happening. What other reasons eryxma has caused inconvenience to you and your site other than the usual downtime issues ?

    Have a nice day.

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    Thank you for visiting the Glexicon Communications web site.

    Effective immediately, Glexicon Communications has officially acquired the assets of Eryxma Hosting, and is in the process of transferring all client data to an exclusive colocation facility in Houston, Texas. Clients located on existing Glexicon Communications servers will remain on these servers until 20 April 2004. All data will remain intact during the course of this migration and further, more detailed information will be distributed to current clients of Glexicon Communications and Eryxma Hosting regarding changes to addressing, procedures, and members of staff.

    A new corporate web site for Glexicon Communications, Inc. (Inc. Pending) will be partially in place following the migration of client data with more information regarding the acquisition of Eryxma Hosting's assets, as well as new services offered by Glexicon Communications, Inc.
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    I checked eryxma site. That is really unprofessional from eryxma. They are doing something behind our back. I hope they do not close their hosting. They could at least send a notice to their clients, man.

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    Background info on the Eryxma drama. :

    ....for some reason I can't post links yet. Do a search on this forum for the user "placrosse" . There is some major eryxma drama. I think it might not be too cautious to protect your credit card numbers if Eryxma has it....

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    I got an email from Glexicon this morning that they move all servers and that we need to change nameservers. Anybody has any experience with them?

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    Yes I have changed all my nameservers after receiving the email, and I could never access any of my websites again.

    I just checked and they required a login. I used my username and password that I used to have for Eryxma and they don't work anymore.

    Anybody know what's going on here?

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    Glexicon aquired what's left of Eryxma. However, many of the original Eryxma users websites went down. Glexicon also hasn't mentioned any sort of pricing, though they will honor whatever agreement you previously had.

    Personally, I am very disapointed with the way the move was handled. So I am switching to Lunar Pages.

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