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    Angry CrystalTech down a few times today

    CrystalTech has been down a few times today. Anyone know what's happening? It is still not up, been almost 1 hour.

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    Their site is loading fine.

    Have you tried contacting them ?
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    talk to their support

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    So you can go here no problem?

    crystaltech dot com

    I was working on my site about an hour ago and all of a sudden it does not work anymore. I cannot seem to access my site as well as theirs. Tried pinging and traceroute, nothing worked.

    I still cannot access their site. Any major router down today?

    If everyone can access the site I was working on except for me, I am so dead.
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    No problems here either.

    As far as localized issues...

    Try contacting your ISP. It could be a problem on your end.

    Additionally, they could be having NS problems.
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