I have to give the thums up to www.catalyst2.com I have a Linux Power account which I paid for a year £49.99. (Iíve been with them since 7th Febuary with my site www.propertones.com)

It's been nothing but smooth running, the site has never been down, the only time was when the router suffered a hardware failure, but i never even noticed it (that was 8pm Thursday).

My support tickets are answered quickly, my MSN messages are answered quickly, catalyst2 even helped me find out why my bandwidth was just rising and rising for no apparent reason, it was a web cam software on my PC just uploading a image continuality even though the program wasnít open and the web cam was off.

The speeds are fast, I upload at 33kb/s and download at 61kb/s I have 512kb broadband. I have nothing bad to say about catalyst2 if you want cheap UK hosting go with them, if you want quick friendly support go with them.