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    Wow I just went with 1 & 1 for a domain and host...well I cant figure out how to use their control panel lol

    I used smart ftp to upload a bunch of stuff to the webspace
    but then I can access it or view it, I enabled frontpage extensions but when I publish with frontpage still get an error 404 crap

    so im thinking I Wana try another host
    but this was a domain/host deal hope they let me cancel the host plan and keep the domain name

    anyways any suggestions on an easier host to use, thise control panel just isnt workin for me

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    I agree about their control panel. Im sure for some people that is ideal in managing their account, but managing the web space is not very fast/fun.

    As far as a new host I dont really recommend anything without knowing what specifics you need. Might also try using the Host Quote feature, and ALWAYS do a search for the hosts you get offers from to see what past/current customers think.

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    opps sorry I am getting 500MB and 5 GB for 4.99 a month
    unfortunatly Im trying to budgit 5 and month max for this website
    mainly looking to have some pics/ videos of myself ( I race motocross) and my friends. Maybe even a forum even if its dead for awhile lol
    and thats really it chat if I can get the forum kickin
    thats all a dream

    but for now I need a host thats easy to manage webspace and stuff i have on there just to make a few pages for videos pictures a homepage
    ya ill try out the qoute thing thou thanks

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    1and1 is slow

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    let us see your home site, I used to some crazy stuff in the past as well.. :-)

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    I have a few free 3 year packages there. I agree about their control panel. It takes some getting used to.
    And yes, their speed isnt the greatest.... but for free, I cant reall complain.

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    So, you are dissatisfied with their administrative panel, not the performance?

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    Originally posted by HQHost
    So, you are dissatisfied with their administrative panel, not the performance?
    Yes and no. The panel is bad. The service is ok. One thing I do like is their customer support.

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    I made one phone call and someone answered right away to answer my questions....but as far as the user interface, confussing for me

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