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    Do I need a Control Panel?

    Just in the process of getting a dedicated server.

    I won't be reselling and don't plan to have multiple sites on there. At the moment I'm just planning to set up an IPB forum and use the server solely for that.

    If I get a Windows server.. do I need a Control Panel?

    I'm not VERY technical so what would be a lot easier if I did get a panel?? and would you recommend Helm or Ensim?


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    Well, i suggest you do a Control Panel, Plesk does good. Helm is quite simple.
    If you don't want to pay for a Panel then use - Simplest Windows panel out there.

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    For a few domains hosting your own, too expensive for Helm, Plesk comes with 1 user for free rite? Also which are free.

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    Just use Webmin its free and very powerful. (But it looks crap).

    Also I would go with linux as it cheaper and arguably more stable.

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    lol, installed it earlier on today Webmin does its job well but its quite hard to understand for n00bies also its not very good lookin.

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    Thing is though, if you don't understand Webmin, you've no chance of coping without any control panel I suggest; it's very reasonable at $29/month or $299 for a lifetime licence. You can go to and get lifetime licences legitimately for about $129 on promo


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    Thanks for the advice.
    I'd selected Win2003 as I was advised it was easier for a newbie and easier to secure.

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    Windows 2003 has a lot of vulnerabilities stopped by default. Easy to create an account. Just need to create a user in computer management, a web site in the IIS web and an ftp account in the IIS ftp, tats all.

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