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    Clients + Business For Sale

    I have posted this before:

    As i've not yet made a decision from the offers i thought there's no harm posting again.

    Most details are in the previous thread, client figures have changed slightly since then, two accounts i somehow missed before, one customer that's added another.

    62 paying accounts:

    4 x $2.00
    9 x $3.50
    4 x $5.00
    2 x $7.00
    2 x $10.00
    3 x $12.00

    $129.50 monthly recurring


    2 x $20.00
    15 x $22.00
    2 x $35.00
    10 x $38.00
    4 x $55.00
    4 x $77.00
    1 x $130.00

    $1478.00 annually recurring

    Please read the other thread before asking questions, most info is there, i'm currently considering more than one offer made after the last thread that's over $1k as a guideline.

    If you offer low end dedicated servers, i'm more than willing to discuss some sort of trade of a fixed term lease of a server instead of a cash deal.

    So if we've not already spoken from the previous thread, questions/offers to [email protected]


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    How much disk space/bandwidth do you need for you sites?

    You mentioned "low-end dedicated servers" what kind of specs do you have in mind?

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    I emailed you a couple questions.

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    code-2k3, please PM me with more info. Would you be willing to sell the clients + your domain be themselves for less than 1k?

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    What is the current bid and is your company still for sale?

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    I received an Email yesterday from code-2k3 stating that he had accepted an offer and was winding up the legal stuff.
    I am now Tobarja.

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