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    linux trouble...please help

    Ok, i am dual-booting my personal computer. I currently run windows xp. I hae redhat 9.0. i just want to try out linux, use the desktop and get a little feel for it. Now, i insert my installation cd # 1 out of 3 and the autorun wasnt showing up. So i looked into the cd folders, and saw that all the linux files cannot be opened. So i tried to "use the web to find appropriate program" to open it, looked found nothing. Can i install these extensions on my windows system? if so where cna i dl them? thanks

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    mod, if this is in the wrong forum please move...i didnt know where to put it....


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    I presume you're trying to insyall Linux ?

    If so, you'll need to have free space (unpartitioned) and boot from the RedHat CD and install to this free partition.

    If you don't want to do a complete install, try something like Knoppix which you can boot & run from CD with no local HDD access.

    If you're learning, I'd suggest a seperate PC from your main support / day to day PC !

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    Hi Mike,

    You're going about the installation all wrong :p. You cannot install Red Hat through the Windows shell. Those CDs that you have need to be run BEFORE Windows boots up. It's easy. Just put Disk 1 in your cd rom drive and restart your computer. Assuming your BIOS supports cd boots, you will be asked if you want to start a graphical or text based installation. Choose the graphical installation and you'll be on your way.

    As far as dual booting, yes, it's possible. Never done it though, and if you are doing this, backup your windows data first, because there's a chance something could go wrong. Have fun!

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    YES! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! I got it. It works...You guys are great!

    Thanks a ton

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    If you just want to try out Linux, it might not be necessary to do a full installation (although you will learn more if you do the install, of course). I've heard a lot of good things about Knoppix, a distribution-on-a-CD.

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