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Thread: Is it Possible

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    Is it Possible

    Im not sure if this is in the correct Forum or not! but I would like to know if the following is possible.

    I have a site at

    The main part of the site is the actual forums.

    As the site gets busier (its a football forum) i'm going to have a forum for Each club that has enough supporters of that club.

    Now I was thinking about taking it one step further by allowing each club to have a mini site almost like a blog where a supporter can write a match report latest news etc on a very simple site (somebody has sugested to me cute news) now I don't know if I can do this for numerous clubs!!!, Would I need loads of Subdomains??

    Can anybody give me any ideas as to how and if I can realise this dream

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    You can either have loads of subdomains or directories like
    New site:

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    You could probably do it - but there could be quite a lot of hassle involved, especially if you wanted to incorporate the individual team boards into the separate areas.

    Individual folders would be as useful as actual subdomains, IMO, and would involve less messing about.

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    The most automated way to do this is to configure an overall template for the club sites. This template will need to read from a database containing all their news posts..etc... call the script something like club.php?name=crushers.

    Then, set up a wildcard subdomain (* and create a mod_rewrite statement in your .htaccess file. This statement will rewrite the URLs like this:

    If someone accesses, they will be redirected to club.php?name=crushers, where their news posts will be read and displayed for the visitor.

    Your mod_rewrite statement won't be pretty, and there's probably only a handful or two of people who really have a firm grasp on writing statements on the entire internet (okay, maybe a little overexaggerated but, there aren't many :p), but, if you manage to get it, you'll save your self a lot of time. can always just do it manually and create subdomains for each club (not suggested).

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    Or you could use a blogger like xoops, or postnuke, and set each section to a category, and make parts of the forums acessible to only certain members.

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    loopforevers idea is the best and easiest to work with if you are planning a large scale expansion.

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    Originally posted by cybexhost
    loopforevers idea is the best and easiest to work with if you are planning a large scale expansion.

    Good luck with the offerings, I like the site.
    Glad you like the site.

    Im just trying to think what I can offer that most other football/soccer forum sites don't.

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