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    Whats so special about plesk, cpanel etc..


    I am looking into setting up my first dedicated server. and I am surprised to see that management tools are an addon that the companies charge oodles for on a monthly basis.

    Whats so special about them?

    Although I will be using linux. by way of a comparison I have done some server admin on a windows machine using remote desktop. it worked like a dream. why can't the same be done on a dedicated server?

    I do know of free remote desktop software that will work on linux (cant recall name but its on sourceforge). Is this an option? or am I missing the big picture... being a newb to dedicated servers and all.

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    I suggest you get the control panel, unless you have extensive knowledge of linux and software such as apache, bind, exim, mysql etc..
    Basicly the control panel does all the command lines for you via a user friendly GUI instead of you having to login to SSH and execute them yourself.
    As you were on windows, i hope you realise that linux is not very similar to windows in pretty much most aspects, so if you think that it should be easy because you have done it on windows before, i would think again.

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    Yeah, You need good knowledge of Linux. If i was to start running servers i'd definetely choose to use Windows as im quite good with Windows.

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    Just run webmin it should make life easier, comes with usermin, but if you are hosting some clients just add virtualmin maybe some fancy add ons like Awstats for Webmin.

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    Thanks guys, I understand what they do. and the differences between Win and nix.

    What I don't understand is how they can ask for so much money for what they are.

    I mean a 100 user license. whats with that?
    some control panel company dictating to me how many clients I am allowed to have!

    sounds like little protoge's of Bill G.

    I have half a mind to write a superior free version just to P them off.

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    Webmin seems to be the go so I don't need to write one

    mind you I wouldn't mind writing a non web based one. something that is more interactive. but I would definately need to know a lot more about unix for that

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    Originally posted by Managedlinks

    I have half a mind to write a superior free version just to P them off.
    One pays for support and updates.
    jubba joo!

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