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    Developed Dating Site for sale (Bids / Buy Now)


    I am willing to sell a newly developed dating site called to the highest bidder or for 300 $ "Buy Now" as option.

    The domain is hosted at namecheap meaning I could push it instantly to your account.

    Sale Includes:
    Domain Name: (nearly a year left)
    Script: Non encoded - customized script (PHP / mySQL)
    Hosting: None (you need to host it)

    The site was created before a few days and I'll sell it due lack of interest and personal reasons (my wife really hates me for starting such a site)

    Income: None yet as it is new and unknown.

    Payment: Paypal

    Once sold I'll push the domain to your namecheap account. You will need a namecheap account (it's free).

    Contact: [email protected]

    Starting bid: 150 $
    Buy Now: 300 $

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    its a very nice site, been after a site like that for a while, just cant afford it at the moment though
    good luck with your bid!

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    Nice website, but you won't get that much for it. They sell like that for $20 or less on eBay - especially with a .us (not popular) extension and a PR0.

    No offense, but you'd get more by selling the template, than the site itself.
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    no offense but i believe he spent a long time developing the backend. No offense but I don't think people should be bashing sales threads.

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    Nice site. I got one off of ebay and redid it. The layout wasn't too good. I'm still refining it. PM me for the URL as I don't want to clutter up your sale here. I like the look! Best of luck with the sale.


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