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    what would your attitude be like??

    If there is a forum that is hosted a different company, and start saying bad things about your web hosting company. And telling people how bad your host is...and even say

    but the truth is, your server has not been even down for 1 seconds or even network not down 1 seconds.... What will you reply that message?


    "OMG! Their service crap, service no use..."
    then the person who posts that message is not belongs to your company just from other customers in another company trying to get more bonuses.

    Because as I was told that you get bonuses if you talk about other company bad stories....


    How will you react in those messages in forum?

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    I would clearly explain that your network has not been down and provide proof (be it a link to server status, uptime report, etc.). Be professional; you're representing yourself.

    As long as you have a rebuttal to the fradulent claims, you'll be ok. It's important of course to have proof of this, as indicated earlier.

    The key element when defending your company against claims of that nature is to remain calm and collected (if you are not at the time of reading the negative comments, take a breather, go walk outside or cool down), and explain your position. Professionalism is key.


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    chica go go
    1) show up at that forum
    2) provide statistics that prove those/that user(s) wrong
    3) leave
    4) come back
    5) answer any additional arguments
    6) leave
    7) repeat steps 4 through 6 as needed

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    Cool, I guess my really really first step was wrong until last week i did what you said "ub3r" and "Velostream"..

    Thanks. Just to keep the business running nice.

    Is time to learn some attitude ^^

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    Originally posted by WCHost
    Cool, I guess my really really first step was wrong until last week i did what you said "ub3r" and "Velostream"..
    lol... don't tell me you spammed them

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    This sounds just like the crap a load of WHT people did to poor on here

    Are they big enough for you to seriously worry about? Or, are they just a buncha kids, pretty much, who'll just be a pain in your *** if they signed up with you?

    If all their claims are false, then the "thruth will shine through" in the end. If I were you, I would be far more concerned with devoting my time to taking care of my customers, and not of fighting some jackasses on some forum.

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    I would just ignore them. If they came to my forums and started talking stuff, I would ban them, since they are a waste of time. If you really get so upset over someone (one little person) trashtalking about your company, then you've got issues. It would just be eaiser to ignore them, instead of coming up with the statistics and information needed to prove them wrong.

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