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    This is a classified ads portal I created recently. Please review my site...any suggestions?


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    I think alot of work has to be done to make it a professional page.

    For web-design comments:

    1) I see one chuck of blue text in front of my face and I am off to find out what all these categories are.

    2) There is no introduction on the main page. Leaving customers trying to figure out what to do next.

    3) It makes no different from any script template so I would say it is good to find ways to customize your site.

    4) The layout of your googld adwords. It is vertical and takes up alot of space. In other words, your ad space is more than your search result space. Do you think people will take interest in posting whereby their post are not being prominent?

    For Usability:
    I have a brief run through on each section. I would think most of the content is written right from the mind. Thus, it does not look professional in a way. Try reconstruct those sentences in a way whereby it makes you more convincing?

    I hope my comments will help you in one way or another.

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    acidbase pretty much summed it up.
    The site lacks design.
    There are many sites competing in that genre.
    To make yours stand out, you have to make it look nice.

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    Thank you guys for the review!. The aim of this site is to provide an informal and easy way of posting an Ad.
    There are too many portals out there powered by commercially available softwares and they all look the same.
    So this was custom coded to make it look different, less crowded and easy to use....

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    It is good to see original codes and attempts to make the unusual. But usually programmers and designers just can't blend into one.

    I have yet to see a good script with excellent layout. But I am confident that there will be someone out there who can achieve that.

    Good Luck in your site.

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