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    Find a good internet lawyer

    How do you find a good internet lawyer to look over your TOA, AUP, and SLA? The first one I asked said he won't touch something like this because of the liability risk and said that I need one that specializes in the internet (which is not very common). Does anyone have any suggestions or do I just google search and randomly pick one?

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    you can try elance, i hear there are some people there that are pretty good at that stuff.

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    are you sure elance is the right tool for this job? Do lawyers hang out there?

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    Yes, "lawyers" do hangout there.

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    Have you checked with your local chamber of commerce?

    Have you called your local bar association?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    have not checked my local chamber of commerce or my bar association. law is not my speciality so i have never done either.

    i did get in contact with a lawyer in the Bay Area that specializes in this, however I am in So Cal. Is it alright that my lawyer is far as long as he is in the same state?

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