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    Gamer Axis VBulletin Skin Coding Required

    Hello. I am starting up a gaming site, called Gamer Axis. It is focused on the average middle aged gamer, but will extend to the gamers of all ages. We have designed a forum skin, and now we need it to be coded. We are looking for someone that has time to code the forum skin until it is completed. We will need someone that can complete this in under 4 days, as the average would be 3. We are looking to pay from $50.00 - 70.00 USD, that can be converted into any type of pay. And we are going to pay through paypal. We would like to see a portfolio of your past work, so that we can decide if you are right for the job. We will need our forum skin fast loading. It is very graphical might I add. We need this fast, and our willing to pay within our budget. If you think you are right for this job, then please give me a message.

    AIM - Fluous Designs
    MSN - [email protected]
    ICQ - 229-978-167

    You will be paid upon completion, seeing that we are not sure how well this will turn out. But we will keep out word. And if you look like the right person, it should turn out good.

    Thank you.

    When you message me, I will ask for your portfolio, and then show you the forum skin.

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    Would it be possible for you to show me the design you have come with, so I can see how long it should take?

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