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    Making a Website - Help!

    My uncle owns a Hardwood Floor company, and he's asked me about how to make a website. He's wanting to have a neatly made website (nothing too fancy) with places for pictures, information, etc. I already know how to register a domain name and upload things, but since I really only know vB, I'm stuck and don't know what to do to help him out.

    My question is:

    What does my uncle need to make a website for his business? Pre-made templates? A Content Management System? Unfortunately, I don't know how to use/operate either of these things.

    If I could get some informative information on what we'll need and what to do, that would be extremely helpful.

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    Using a content management system may be a good solution, I'm almost sure that one of the hosts in here will gladly offer it already installed on their servers for you - that is, if you host with them now you would only need to change the template or try to do a template yourself, but for what you said, I would recommend you to stick with a pre-made template. Just go to the web site of the CMS system you'll be using and learn all you can do with it, I recommend you try Mambo (not the dance)

    mambo here:

    Now I would also recommend you to go to:

    you can learn a lot there.

    Good Luck

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    What is he trying to accomplish with the site?

    Is it a marketing site that he'll use to showcase his products? Will he be using the site to attract new customers and gather their information to generate leads? It's important to answer these basic questions before you go off deciding that you need a databse, or content management system or e-commerce etc.

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    To try out demos of various Content management systems try out

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    8 is also a good info site for different CMS's

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    "Hardwood Floor company" If he wants to attracted visitors and has a budget I would suggest going with a unique design. If he is cheap and doesn't want to invest on his online presence, then go with a pre made templates.

    I would recommend a new site from scratch!
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    I second the comment from 'datums'. I believe that having a unique design will set the site apart from any others. Building a site using a CMS, will look fairly 'template'. I would recommend looking into having a designer put together a custom website to suite your needs.

    Good luck!
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    I I agree with ikandpixel. If the website is gonne have any value for the company you should invest a little ammount into it and hire a (good) designer. If the site is just because everyone has a site nowadays you might as well not open one in the first place, it's a waste of effort and money.

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    Very good point ic3d.

    You know if I was your uncle I would hire a professional web designer and that would open the door for his business to go to the next level. Example, his wholesale clients would order from the site through an interactive catalog and so on... Just an opinion.

    But as the guys here said, he should do it right and it would turn up helping his business.

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