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    Gamer Axis Sponsorship Needed

    Hello. My team and I are starting up a gaming site, pointed to the middle aged person that has the urge to go out and buy a game when they hear about it. We thought about the idea a month before approaching it. We have produced a high quality layout, and are working on the VBulletin Forum skin at the moment. It is nearly 90 percent complete in it's design stages. Our group consists of 3 designers, including myself, and one php coder. We are in need of a VBulletin coder, and a hoster. Right now, mainly, we are looking for a host. Currently, from a contest I had won not too long ago, with an XBOX Design of mine, we have 10 gigabytes of space, 150 gigabytes bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, emails, etc. Running on a Celeron 2.40 GHZ. The problem is, the prize was a Dual Xeon 2.4 hosting package. But was never given. That wasn't too much of a glitch in our plan. What put us to a stop was that the contest holder, had not allowed us even 1 parked domain. We have contacted him, and he said he would change that, although he has not contacted us back. We are looking for a reliable host, that can hopefully match our current plan, but if not, what we are offered is appreciated. We currently have no members, because we are just starting, but a friend of mine, that owns has offered to bring me in hits. In our layout and our forum skin, we have 468x60 ad banner space, in a rotation. We will be able to put our host advertisment in both of them. We will also have their name on our front page. With the amount of work put into the layout coding as of right now, our coder is hoping to be finished by Sunday. If not, the sooner the better. The VBulletin skin design should be completed sometime this week, then a coder will be hired. Our community is going to based on the game console systems, and around the newest games out, and the classic games. We will try to run contest as soon as possible. And hopefully, down the line we will be able to start a gaming ladder consisting of the online consoles. If you would like to see the layout, and forum skin, then please message me on AIM: Fluous Designs - MSN: [email protected] - ICQ: 229-978-167. I rarely use ICQ, as it blocks out the hotkeys in Photoshop. Also, you can PM me through the forum or email me at [email protected] or . Thank you for taking your time to read this, and have a good day.

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    I can provide hosting. Do you need anything specific?

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    Matching what I have right now would be nice. Also some unlimited subdomains, a parked domain or a few. I know it may be alot to ask. I will PM you, or if you could PM me your contact information?

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    I may be able to help. Please contact me. (preferably through AIM or another IM program)
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