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    does anyone know what's going on with Createspace this time?

    The sites have been down for about 4 days now and I have heard nothing from anyone at createspace and I sent 3 emails to 3 addresses and 2 of them eventually bounced. No one answered the third one.

    This is pissing me off.

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    ouch its time to move on if you have not heard anything in four days. That is bad support and communications. I hope you got a backup.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah... definitely not a good sign... try contacting them through other means if possible...

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    I'm just hoping the guy (dan Hewwit?) will see this and give me some answers.

    Yes i have backups of the important stuff.

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    ((As I posted in another topic))

    I know someone who uses them:


    Kindest Regards

    PS: Dan no longer owns the company createspace and hasn't done for a long time, how do I know this well Dan does coding work for me so I know he doesnt own createspace.

    The new owner is named Tom.
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    they don't have a number that you can call?

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    Haven't seen the name CreateSpace in quite awhile on here, shocking.

    CoMo, I say be patient even it requires biting your tongue. Keep trying and then if you have nothing left to do, just find someone else as they're not for you.

    Good Day.

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    Originally posted by Mochanin
    they don't have a number that you can call?
    Try phoning AnoxHosting as they now own createspace.

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    Thanks guys! I wasn't aware that anoxhosting now owns createspace. They have a phone number but what is it ?

    phone: +47 97 00 33 03

    Is that overseas or something? Anyways this is at least some kind of info.... so really, thank you guys very much.

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    No worries, I think the owner lives in Europe. Forget the country. Sure I read Norway or something.

    Kindest Regards

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    Any word back from anoxhosting? I just renewed my contract with CreateSpace, and I referred a friend to them last month, and now they vanish without a trace and my primary email address no longer works. I am not happy.

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    ...And Netivex has fallen off the map.

    Looks like,,, et. al. are gone.

    Robert Donaldson at Netivex had been providing support for the server since it was hacked at the beginning of this year. He was pleasant enough to deal with via e-mail, so I thought I'd ask him what's up with CreateSpace.

    But now, it looks like is gone too! Were they also on the failed/removed/stolen/... server?

    Even in the case of a catastrophic failure, any company could notify it's users that there's a problem - and reassure them they haven't simply quit the business. I'd love to be proven wrong - but it appears to be a take-the-money-and-run situation.

    I can understand anyone giving up after all the hacking - but at a, "sorry, gang, I quit," message would let everyone know to find alternate hosting right away.

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    Im a createspace user too and it's been almost a WEEK.. and my client also uses them and as you know, email is ESSENTIAL to running a business nowadays so it's been ridiculous.

    Anoxhosting has not replied my repeated emails, I've had NADDA now for ages... I cant call createspace (Im based overseas) either, I wish someone wld hv TOLD me what on earth was gng on, then at least I cld hv made provisions and switched or something....

    Anyone got any help here? Suggestions?

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    I asked a friend of mine based in Norway to try and give them a ring and see.. I dont care what time it is there, it's supposed to be a 24/7 support thing and they hvnt effing bothered to let us know what's the deal..


    it's getting so frustrating!

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    it's time to move on... get a stable hosting company.
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    Im looking to move on for sure. However, is it easy to get the domains transfered over?

    And my client paid for a whole year! (of the hosting), the domain is paid up for the year (same as me) but the hosting one is quite a sum for us (Translated from US dollars) so he is hoping to get some form of refund if possible.

    we dont plan to stick to them anymore, this is just bad, I've found another service no worries but it's my client

    is there anywhere we can complain?

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    As they are now in Norway, I'm sure there is not alot that you can do. After the debacle with their server getting hacked, I'm suprised anyone would renew - let alone refer friends to them. I got the feeling it was a service that you wouldn't recommend your worst enemy use.
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    hehee true... dunno if I can get his money back, *sigh*.. who knows... can keep harrassing!

    anyway, made the switch to another provider now so whew! Just hv to wait for all to resolve so email etc can be back on! Thankfully!

    who knows... urgh

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    I would never ever pay for a year in advance, even if a host that requires this has been in business for years.

    Monthly is the best way to go for your own security, specially if you want good customer service. Some hosts that require yearly payments stop giving you good customer service when the 30 day money back gaurantee expires.

    I'm sure your friend could get their money back if he does a charge back with his credit card company.
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    it's been hmmm... almost 6mths tho, will the company (credit card) do that?

    I guess he figured it was better (he got a great discount) business wise for a yearly... but... I guess not in this case hehehehhee.... let's see what happens

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    I'm not sure if your friend would get their money back, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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    Well, I haven't heard anything yet... whats up with those support ticket things? they claim to have 24/7 support but it always says they are offline. Very annoying.

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