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    Free/Cheap Programming Work

    Hi all -

    I'm looking to fill my portfolio with some work, so I'm going to be offering free/cheap work for a bit.

    Small projects I'll do for free, and larger projects I'll charge a lot less than normal for.

    I do:
    • HTML
    • XHTML
    • CSS
    • PHP

    I really would not like to slice/code layouts, so please, don't request it.

    You can contact my either by PM, AIM (SteveJRichter), or email ([email protected]).

    All I ask in return is for me to be able to put a link to the work on my portfolio.


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    oh great! I wanted a backend for the portfolio site I'm making, its a very simple one. I'll talk to you on AIM.

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    Do you use MSN?

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    own Server

    I am playing enemy territory for a time know.
    And i heart you can make free servers
    I have started my own clan, and i would like a own zserver


    Thx allready

    please answer

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