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    Studio-10 LLC

    I just made this today....
    I made it in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and I'm new to both those programs... but anyways, I tried hard and I wanna know what you people think about it:

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    I think it is neat but not appealing. If I view it as a personal page, I will give a 9 out of 10. However, for a graphic design page, I would think you need to give it another try to give your audience the first sight attraction.

    Colours: Use colours smartly and I think it will show a better effect.

    Also use good size fonts to give people the "grab the idea" within a glance. In the industry, who gives the best impression wins the game. That's what I think.

    Hope this might help.

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    No offence or anything but this was the style back in 2001\2002.

    You have no colour in your entire design, its all grey. Also it is not aligned properly (e.g. left\center\right).

    You need to increase your font size and actually identify where the navigation is. I would also suggest running your site through a spell check.

    Also, are you really an LLC?

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    Thanks, well, I used the colors to express myself, well, right now I would have to say I'm depressed. And the alignment seems fine to me, I use MSN Explorer and IE. Furthermore, yes, I am a Limited Liabilitly Corporation or company (I forgot which one)

    About the design, I personally like it. I don't care if it's out of style, most of my designs are up to date, for my clients anyway. And for the spellcheck, I forgot to do this, I saw some errors when I when through the website a couple days ago and just haven't gotten into cPanel to change it.

    One last thought, what do you mean by "Use colours smartly and I think it will show a better effect"?

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    I have done everything except the alignment (i don't see a problem with it) and the font size (it's supposed to be small to fit the layout)

    Any other suggestions?

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    In your Links page, you have one to INDesignZ Web Services. It seems to be closed, so there's nothing to see.

    The site looks nice. The justified text is giving me bad vibes. Especially in your About Us page. The first line just looks badly done.

    Why did you set an absolute position? Wouldn't it be more flexible floating on center?
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    I just read through your website again and its very unprofessionally written, example:

    "My name is Dylan and I'm the Webmaster/CEO/Chairman/President of Studio-10 LLC.
    We are a good designing company accessible via online. We want to serve the people, well, serve them by designing stuff. Not much to say, although I am looking for staff, please visit the employment center."

    No offence but it sounds like a child wrote it, you don't use 'stuff' and 'Not much to say" etc, etc.

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    Well, just to let you know, I'm only 13.

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    laff you cant be a LLC until u register it. I Timemarked a site i had and someone told me i could get in trouble.

    advice dont start going all professional since your 13. There are way too many designers on the web who try to make a design.

    anyway the layouts header looks like a TM brushmark

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    I wan't the first owner of the website, it was some girl... I forgot her name, it was like Jessica something.

    It is an LLC, I asked the people at City Hall, and they said I can use it.

    Also, I have no clue what you mean by "TM brushmark". I downloaded a freeware brush and made some of it myself.

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    so you also pay the fee required to be an active LLC? registered business fees etc?

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    As much i'm for young people getting into this 'game' I suggest you broden your skills and then make an attempt at a 'company' This might sound a bit harsh but you need to have the skills and public relations down in order to succeed. When I read your site, I knew a 13yearold wrote it due to the simple fact of the basic design and use of grammer.

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